The Witchking's Gambit is a card battle game built for the game boy. The Witchking travels to the tower of sin to face their demons to win the ultimate treasure. The battles take place on a 3x3 grid. Take turns playing a card against your opponent. Each card that you play with be transferred to the opponent and be a choice for them to play on their turn.  This game was made for the global game jam 2022.

Up - Up Arrow / W
Down - Down Arrow / S
Left - Left Arrow / A
Right - Right Arrow / D
A - Alt / Z / J
B - Ctrl / K / X
Start - Pause

Movement cards are shown with arrows. If there are two arrows on a card then twp spaces can be moved. 
Attack cards show the grid and the spaces they will hit. Each attack hits for 1 damage.

The game is fully playable on Gameboy, Gameboy emulator or the Analog Pocket. The files are included! 

Note for GBA Flash Carts and GBA emulators: 
Like with many GB Studio games, saving in The Witchking's Gambit relies on saving to memory and/or cartridges with a battery.  Some GBA emulators and GBA flash carts will not support saving for this game.  You can still play and complete the game, but you will not be able to save progress.  To save, please use a Game boy emulator like Sameboy or a Game boy flashcart.

Created for the Global Game Jam 2022


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