Conversations With My Anxiety is a short narrative game about self doubt & first date jitters. Throughout the night, our player recedes into his mind, confronting his anxiety. Depending on how you handle fears and doubts, the date can play out in a variety of different ways.

The game is short and sweet.  It only takes around 5 - 10 minutes to finish the game so I hope you check it out! 

Conversation system was built with Yarn Spinner!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Daydream
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Dating Sim, LGBT, Mental Health, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Aw that was so fun! It actually stressed me out though LOL


This was a really good game. I especially liked the art style. 


This is an adorable little game and I really enjoyed it!

We're glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


Okay, that was a really nice game! It's just so cute and honest! 

You did a great job!

Thank you, we're glad you appreciated our game.

Deleted 84 days ago

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!


really cute!

Aww, Thank you!!!

it has its style! Encountered a few glitches with the audio/animations here and there but good story!


Thanks for playing and the feedback.  We’ll try to fix those glitches.

Thanks for the response! Let me know if you need help spotting the glitches!

Feel free to mention where you saw the glitch (at the theater or when you choose 'Escape') and we'll try to reproduce it on our end and fix it in the next update.


Thanks for an enjoyable experience!

Glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing.


aw that was a cool experience!!
the player was literally me lmaooo

Thanks for checking it out.  We're glad you were able to relate to our weird little game.


Thanks for the experience :)

We hope you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


I liked this alot, it was a fun few minutes :)


Thanks for playing!  There's a lot of games out there and we appreciate you spending some of your time with ours.


The ending turned out so much better than I expected! Such a cute game! Also, I tend to have similar thoughts...


Awww, thank you for saying that and thank you for playing our game!


This was extremely cute, and the dialogue was neat. I could see myself saying a lot of these things. Thanks for making this <3

We’re glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!


What a fun little game!! Characters and situations were all so much fun.

 V glad I found this in the Racial Justice package, looking forward to see what y'all produce in future.


Thanks for playing, we should have something small and very different soon.


I feel like the dialogue was for the most part written well, and I kept wanting to see how the situations would play out, but the player was outspoken and quick to handle situations well enough that I feel like he wasn't struggling as hard with anxiety as I thought. Even still, I would've played more if it were longer

Thank you for playing and the feedback!


I wish my anxiety was that creative and interesting to talk to. Instead of just relentlessly devastating.


We need to update the game so anxiety repeatedly reminds you of that one really awkward thing you did 3 years ago that no one remembers but you super do.  #DLC


This is really sweet and I'm so glad the options with open and honest communication went well! Very cute :


Those options went through a good amount of iteration, but we're glad you enjoyed how they turned out.  Thanks for playing!


I loved the part with Emily - as someone who works with teenagers it completely encapsulates my feelings when I started working with them. Lovely game!


We're glad you enjoyed Emily's chaos energy!


i really love those kind of games thanks for making it! i will play it all the time


Thank you for playing!  It always makes the team happy to see comments like this. 

if you cut hand kebab falls too


I really liked this game and thank you for making it. Definitely following to see what other stuff you continue to work on. It was sweet and humanizing and very relatable. I really liked how you illustrated how anxiety takes you, literally, into your head in a way that was both highly accurate and also lighthearted. 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.  Reading that someone related to this experience and enjoyed playing it, makes the work creating the game feel worth it!


I enjoyed this game! Thanks!

I am so glad you liked it!  Thank you for playing it!