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Cat Stranded is a game about two cats drifting in space that must navigate their way back to earth. The cats are tethered together and each have a thruster that they must use to fly. The game is meant to be played with two people, one for each cat, but it is possible to beat the game solo. 

Created for the Epic Mega Jam 2019

Team Name: Digital Daydream

Team Members:

  • Justin Ray - justinaray828@gmail.com
  • Matthew Horoszowski - matthew.horoszowski@gmail.com
  • Josh Altman - joshuaealtman@gmail.com
  • John Poe - john.poe007@gmail.com
  • Matthew Glenn - matthew.mark.glenn@gmail.com

Game Name: Cat Stranded


DigitalDaydream_CatStranded.zip 98 MB

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